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Two icy-cold hands conducting the way. She is funny. And though I walk home alone. 

The Wrights got on stage after Billa Clack's "Love Of The Unloved", during the extended intro to "Hand In Hand".

• Ticket to the concert
• The Wrights t-shirt
• Stickers
• Black bandana


"Miserable Die" was attempted on the first date, then dropped most likely because the lead had just recovered from a bronchitis and the falsetto ending was probably too straining on his vocal chords. "I Don't Owe You Nothing" was also dropped at this point. So after just one show, the setlist was cut down to 11 tracks, the regulars listed above minus "Reel Around The Mountain" and "Handsome Satan". The former was slowly reintroduced on and off after a few gigs, and then the latter after a few more, bringing the setlist back to a standard 13 songs.

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